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DRYUP TECHNOLOGY revolutionizes
construction techniques to durably
protect buildings from floods. 




Our planet goes inevitably towards an
aggravation of the risk of world-wide flooding.

2.6 billion people will soon live in
floodable zones, which is equivalent
to 35% of world’s population.
Because of global warming, this
tendency seems to be increasing; no
continent will be spared.

The economic losses caused by natural disasters in 2019 were USD 232 billion, of which USD 82 billion was due to floods alone. Since the year 2000, economic losses amount to 1,089 billion USD of which 80% is due to floods.


An innovative system that allows us to avoid
damages done by floods as well as saving lives

A true revolution in construction

DRYUP TECHNOLOGY developed a whole new system that revolutionizes the construction technique of buildings of any kind. All constructions equipped with our device will be able to resist floods and avoid all damage thanks to a simple rising system.

DRYUP’s system allows a rising of the

DRYUP TECHNOLOGY allows a safe and secured elevation of the building, at the moment of the flood, by the simple means of a system composed of sliding columns. Whether or not the inhabitants are present inside, the system, being completely autonomous, will protect the building from the flood.

DRYUP TECHNOLOGY facing natural disasters

DRYUP’s new technology allowed the development, of big scale rescue equipment for the inhabitants of zones where tsunamis are rather common.

Technology that saves lives

DRYUP TECHNOLOGY, created rescue equipment specifically for zones affected by floods, that can be quickly delivered by aircraft. This rescue equipment can be destined to humanitarian organizations, the army, etc.

When it comes to climate change,
take a step:

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