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Dryup Swiss Technology revolutionizes our vulnerability against flood


Mobile dike

Protection against tsunamis

Forced decline

Flood immunity

Rescue device

The issue

Our planet is moving towards a global situation of increased flood risk


of the world population will soon live in floodplains

people affected every year by floods between 1937 and 1997


of economic losses linked to floods in the world

Frequency of natural disasters in percentage ¹ (2000-2019)

Natural disasters

 ¹ Source : Centre for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters – UNDRR, « Human Cost of Disasters », 2019.

Flood is one of the major natural disasters in the world, and it is the natural disaster that causes most damage.

We have watched closely the climate change patterns and impacts for several decades, but these last few years we are witnessing that its evolution now exceeds all projections. This accelerating trend leads to a constant increase in the number of recorded natural disasters all over the world, in terms of frequency as well as intensity.

A few key figures
in 2019

in Paris, one of the highest temperatures recorded after Greece

displaced persons because of hurricanes

hectares burnt due to extreme heat

See what’s going on in the world in real time

Global weather forecasts (pressure, wind, precipitation etc.)

Disasters that have occurred in the last 7 days and alerts in progress

Mapping of epicenters of seismic events around the world

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