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Flood Immunity

Flooding is the natural phenomenon that affects the most people in the world and the most difficult to manage.

Global warming and the increase in soil permeability have resulted in an increase in the frequency and extent of floods.

In addition to the other devices that Dryup offers, for certain very specific cases where it is necessary to build buildings in flood-prone areas, Dryup has created and developed an innovative device, allowing immunity to flooding.

Device design

Dryup proposes to revolutionize the method of construction of buildings which must be built on flood-prone areas. The principle of this system is simply to move the constructions vertically several meters if necessary and for the duration of a flood.

The proposed equipment is a metal frame, which serves as the main structure of the building, as well as telescopic poles. The same posts are anchored in the ground and connected above to the structure of the building, in order to allow the vertical sliding of the construction. Dryup makes it possible to offer the elevation of constructions thanks to an internationally patented technological feat.

This technology makes it possible to integrate into all types of buildings, with modular constructions, limited to five floors.

The advantages of the device:

  • It protects new constructions against flooding.
  • It can be adapted to all types of architecture.
  • It is energetically self-sufficient.
  • It can operate fully in automatic mode.

The operating technology of this type of equipment has already been tested in the laboratory, with the construction of a first prototype.

Dryup Technology will soon be deployed and present around the world.

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