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Forced decline

Flooding is the natural phenomenon that affects the most people in the world.

Global warming and the increase in soil permeability have resulted in an increase in the frequency and extent of floods.

In addition to the mobile dike device that we offer, for certain situations of flooded land morphology, Dryup has created a device to accelerate the natural phenomenon of recession.

Device design

Dryup offers a new innovative system to facilitate natural flow and therefore accelerate the phenomenon of recession.

This new device, which accelerates the natural phenomenon of decline, is intended for areas where, for example, the drop in rivers is low or winding, which therefore makes the natural decline difficult and slowed down. To counter this situation, the forced recession system is based on the principle of hydrometry, which is the science that seeks to measure the flow of rivers.

The proposed equipment consists of a platform that rests on telescopic poles, anchored in the ground, and installed in the deeper zone of the river. This platform is essentially equipped with hydraulic thrusters, which will cause an acceleration of the speed of the water on the surface, consequently increasing the average speed of flow by causing an increase in the volume of water moved over an area an area defined.

Dryup, with this new invention, will make it possible to cause the reduction, or even the cancellation of the flood effect on an urban area crossed by a river.

The advantages of the device:

  • It moderates the rise in water, controlling expansion of the flood surface.
  • It has a geometry and a mechanism not vulnerable to sand, gravel, and floating debris.
  • It works in energy autonomy.
  • It can operate fully in automatic mode.

Currently we have already developed the main technology of the equipment and we are in the process of hydraulic testing in the laboratory.

Dryup Technology will soon be deployed and present around the world.

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