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Mobile Dike

Flooding is the natural phenomenon that affects the most people in the world.

Global warming and the increase in soil permeability have resulted in an increase in the frequency and extent of floods. It is therefore necessary to have a device capable of protecting large areas against flooding, without creating, outside the flood period, barriers that hinder the functioning of urban areas.

Device design

Dryup has created a device to protect people, their property and the infrastructures. It operates without energy or human intervention and with minimal maintenance.

It is a dike hidden in the ground between the area to be protected and the flooded river. By the principle of Archimedes, the rising waters deploy it above the natural terrain; this consists of a temporary protective structure.

In addition, the height of the device would be adapted according to the configuration of the site and the flood scenarios.

The advantages of the device:

  • Its geometry and its mechanism not vulnerable to sand, gravel, and floating debris.
  • It has no visual impact, except during flooding, and is not an obstacle to mobility.
  • It can be used for other purposes; for example, cycle paths.
  • It remains stable, even in the event of exceptional water spillage.
  • Its foundations would not suffer any erosion or scour.
  • It can moderate rising waters, if placed far from the banks, by allowing an expansion of the flood surface.
  • If connected to other systems, it can form a coherent protection system, especially in urban areas.
  • It can use, after a flood, the circulation of water from the river in its channel, to facilitate the evacuation of deposits.
  • It has top access if manual removal is required.
  • It requires little maintenance.

Dryup Technology will soon be deployed and present around the world.

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