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You are a developer

Sell property which is secured against floods


Flooding is the main cause of natural disaster in Europe and in the world. When you put up for sale any type of property, you are legally bound to inform the buyer of any natural and technological risks that the property is exposed to. It may be difficult to sell property in such unpredictable conditions.

With Dryup Technologies, you will be able to develop innovative projects while adding value to floodplains, supporting the various stakeholders in the development of a sustainable city, and building quality housing which addresses the needs of users. You will be a real transformation lever by mobilizing all your expertise to achieve sustainability and safety.

Dryup Technology, a real quality assurance

international patent  

An international patent application has been filed for the Dryup technology system invention. Its unique process of secure elevation via high-performance hydraulic pumps guarantees at the same time stability, resistance, sustainability and comfort.

any type of surface

Thanks to these high-performance metallic piles, your construction can be embedded on any type of surface, without any water-proofing of the ground, nor any ground levelling, regardless of the type of terrain that is being built on.


This type of structure is intended for the construction of Energy-Plus-Houses.

design office 

Our design office knows how to identify, case by case, the type of structure that is necessary to ensure maximum stability to a project, even on floodplains with low, medium and high risk (authorized by PPRI – Flood risk prevention plan).

great resistance 

Materials of great resistance which are used in the industry and the marine help withstand a high load (5 levels at most).

Why choose our solution?

Why choose our solution?

Dryup Technology, first solution of building elevation, secures and protects properties and people from the most severe natural disasters such as floods.
We develop technical solutions in such a way that architects can integrate them in all their new construction projects.

Our elevating frames can work with any architectural project, they fully replace the frames which are traditionally used. They offer an added value to the building by elevating it in case of flooding.

Our concept can be used only for new construction. It fully complies with the specifications which apply to each type of building. Our engineers and technicians will be able to help you optimize the structure and achieve the balance points needed between dead load and operating load.
The following information will be provided during the second phase of development of the structural preliminary project:

  • The budget for the equipment supply
  • The budget for the equipment assembly
  • The production timeframe
  • The assembly timeframe

Securing your realizations


Adding value to property located in risk areas


Easy to implement


Can be installed on any type of ground


An industrialized production mode


Production costs well-managed


No need to water-proof the grounds


Fostering soil biodiversity

YOUR ARE a construction company?

Build flood-resistant houses in floodplains

You are a local community or an institution?

Protect the local population and their property from flooding

your are an architect?

Design your most beautiful projects without risk of water damage

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